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Making Memories, One Scoop at a Time!

Gather your loved ones and head to Hershey's Island Creamery for a sprinkle-filled adventure. Your Ocean City and Fenwick Island ice cream await with a range of family-friendly flavors and endless laughter and memories.


At Hershey's Island Creamery, we are more than just an ice cream shop; we are creators of happiness. Our story started with a passion for crafting the perfect scoop of ice cream and sharing it with our community. Over the years, that passion has grown into a commitment to delivering exceptional taste and quality in every bite.

Try Our Famous Funnel Cake Sundae!

What We Offer

Hershey's Ice Cream

Hershey's Ice Cream – where frozen delights come to life! Indulge in a symphony of flavors and textures that will transport your taste buds to a world of sweet bliss. Our expert team crafts a delectable array of ice cream masterpieces, each scoop a work of art.

Island Smoothies

Forget the ordinary! Our smoothies are sunshine in a cup! Picture juicy berries blended with creamy swirls, or imagine tropical fruits dancing with tangy greens. Our smoothie artists are like rockstars of refreshment, crafting flavor masterpieces with the freshest ingredients nature has to offer. Every sip is a delicious escape, so come on down and let your cares melt away in our smoothie paradise!

Snow Cones

Dive into a world of frozen fun with our epic snow cones! Imagine mountains of fluffy, shaved ice, begging to be drenched in a rainbow of syrups. We have classic cherry to quench your thirst, or tangy lime for a flavor explosion. Feeling adventurous? Try our blue raspberry or sweet grape! Grab your crew, because these snow cones are perfect for sharing – let's turn your day into a frozen fiesta!


Calling all ice cream fans! Our sundaes are legendary for a reason – they're a delicious party in a bowl! Imagine creamy, dreamy ice cream (seriously, it's the best!), smothered in all your favorite toppings. We're talking hot fudge so rich and chocolaty, whipped cream so light and fluffy, and mountains of fresh toppings for a flavor explosion! Whether you keep it classic or get adventurous, our sundaes have something to make every taste bud do a happy dance!

Floats & Milkshakes

Our floats are a harmonious blend of creamy richness and effervescent fizz, where the nostalgic charm of the classic root beer float meets the zesty awakening of the lemon-lime float. For an extra creamy indulgence, our milkshakes are handcrafted with the finest ice cream and a splash of real milk, resulting in a smooth, rich concoction that will satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth. Whether you crave the timeless allure of a chocolate milkshake or a fruity twist with strawberry or vanilla, our milkshakes will tantalize your palate and leave you craving more.

Our TestimonialS

What Our Clients Think

Melissa Y.

Hershey ice cream is the best ice cream, and the prices aren't crazy here, like at some of the others.

Edie Young

This place has DELICIOUS ice cream and has great service. I would highly recommend.

Barbara Kastner

The best ice cream anywhere. Yum!

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